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Term Dates

Please find below the current Term and Holiday Dates for the current academic year. More information regarding attendance and holidays can also be found on our Attendance page.

These dates are based around Cheshire's suggested model that is in line with neighbouring Authorities.

Spring Term 2017 .....
Students Return   Monday 9th January
Students Break Up   Friday 17th February
Students Return   Monday 27th February
Students Break Up   Friday 31st March


Summer Term 2017 .....
Students Return   Tuesday 18th April
Bank Holiday - Closed   Monday 1st May
Students Break Up   Friday 26th May
Students Return   Monday 5th June
Students Break Up   Friday 21st July
Disaggregated INSET Day   Monday 24th July
Disaggregated INSET Day   Tuesday 25th July


INSET Days from this point are yet to be agreed.

Autumn Term 2017 .....
Students Return   Monday 4th September
Students Break Up   Friday 27th October
Students Return   Monday 6th November
Students Break Up   Friday 22nd December


Spring Term 2018 .....
Students Return   Monday 8th January
Students Break Up   Friday 16th February
Students Return   Monday 26th February
Students Break Up   Thursday 29th March


Summer Term 2018 .....
Students Return   Monday 16th April
Students Break Up   Friday 25th May
Students Return   Monday 4th June
Students Break Up   Tuesday 24th July