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Uniform Standards

The Academy has its own uniform and PE kit, which has been selected so that students will feel part of the Academy community. Items of clothing have been chosen carefully so that they are not unduly expensive but are smart. This is because personal presentation is important in the world of work and we want to ensure that our students develop a sense of pride in their appearance.


Our uniform stockists are; Harvey & Tillys

Unit 11-13 Market Square
Ellesmere Port
CH65 0HW
0151 356 2945 


Sixth Form

Students should be dressed in accordance with our 6th form uniform policy. Anyone failing to follow policy will be met with and if persistent and unwilling to follow our policy may be asked to terminate their studies at the Academy. 

All students wear business dress. 

Smart suit trousers with plain shirt and tie.
Smart polish-able shoes. 
Many of our male students choose to wear a smart suit jacket, however, this is optional. 
Dark or Black jeans/ hooded tops/polo shirts and/or trainers are not acceptable. 

Smart plain skirt of appropriate length.
Smart fitted trousers.
Smart blouse with collar and sleeves.
Plain cardigan optional. 
Black tights/socks Leggings/trainers/vest tops/hooded tops are not acceptable.

Coats are not worn inside the Academy and should be removed on entry. There are lockers available on a first come first served basis, with a £5 deposit. 
No extreme hair-styles or colours. Hair colour should be of natural appearance. Hair accessories should be kept to a minimum. A small amount of makeup is acceptable but should appear natural. Facial piercings and excessive jewellery are not permitted.

The Head of Learning reserves the right to make the final decision on what is or is not appropriate. Students refusing to cooperate can expect to be sent home to rectify the issue and parents may be asked to meet with Academy staff if issue continues.  All persistent incidents will be dealt with in line with the Academy Behaviour Code.


Apart from watches, jewellery (including studs, rings, earrings or any other body/facial piercings) is not to be worn. This is because of the potential risk of accidental damage from the wearing of such items and they will be confiscated. Charity bands (except for the chosen academy charity) or charity lapel badges are not allowed. We will do our best to assist your child in safeguarding their property. However, the Academy does not accept any responsibility for the loss of or damage to personal possessions brought on site. Large amounts of money or items of value (including personal audio equipment such as MP3 players, iPods, iPads or other tablet devices, electronic games or jewellery) should not be brought into the academy. Such items will be confiscated by staff, a receipt issued, and may subsequently be collected by parents/carers from reception.

During cold or inclement weather students are advised to wear a suitable coat. Tracksuit tops or hooded sweatshirt tops are not allowed to be worn whilst students travel to or from the academy.

Hair and Cosmetics

Students are expected to wear hair in a neat and acceptable style. Hair must be of one colour, natural in appearance. Hair styles (including shaved heads) judged to be extreme by the Principal are not permitted. Make-up, including coloured nail varnish, lip gloss and fake tan, is not to be worn. False nails, false eyelashes or other such beauty accessories are not acceptable. Hair fashion accessories are also not to be worn. Black ‘bobbles’ are to be used when tying the hair back. ‘Scrunchies’ are not allowed. Hair bands are permissible but should also be black in colour. ‘Holiday braids’ are not permissible. Students who do not conform to the Academy’s Uniform and Appearance Policy will be sanctioned in line with our Behaviour and Safety Policy.

Mobile Phones

We advise that students do not bring mobile phones into the academy. However, we do recognise that some parents may wish their child to have a mobile phone with them as they travel to and from the academy. Any mobile phones brought in should be switched off as they enter the school premises and put away until they have left the premises. We do not take any responsibility for loss of or damage to mobile phones. Inappropriate use of phones in school will result in confiscation without notice (a receipt will be issued and phones may subsequently be obtained by parents/carers from the main office).

Important: Insurance Notice

We recommend that parents/carers make their own arrangements for insurance of bags, clothing, watches, mobile phones, pens, and bicycles etc - usually by an extension of their home insurance.

In the interest of health and safety, students will not be permitted to wear pump style footwear. Pumps, canvas style shoes, Converse, Vans and High Tops are not acceptable and must not be worn.

Students are strongly advised to purchase and wear a gum shield when participating in activities such as hockey and rugby. When PE kit is brought into school, it must be carried in a school bag.

The Principal reserves the right to make the final decision on what is or what is not appropriate.